About CryptoWater




Token name: CryptoWater $C2O

Token contract address : 0x13Ca8eb6405cFbE2eaE5D00207651002083fbc9d ( !!! do not send any ETH to the token contract address !!! )

Etherscan link: https://etherscan.io/address/0x13Ca8eb6405cFbE2eaE5D00207651002083fbc9d

Ticker: C2O
Decimals: 2
Supply: 163,691 C2O

Github data: https://github.com/cryptowater-si/CryptoWaterIEO-ERC20/blob/master/README.md

Be aware of scammers, fake giveaways, discount scams, impersonators and other types of fraud. 

Bellow are the only official resourced of the project:

Facebook, Twitter, Github, Telegram group, Reddit, LinkedinInstagram.