Is CryptoWater an ICO (Initiall coin offering) campain?

Yes and no. 12% of tokens have been reserved for private presale that ends 30th october 2020, the rest of the supply is offered in a form of a decentralized IEO on multiple trading platforms.  Up to date the platforms are Tokens.net (C2O/USDT) , Bololex.com (C2O/USDT) , Vindax.com (C2O/USDT)  and Unnamed.Exchange (Multiple pairs BTC,LTC,ETH,XMR,WAVES,UTIP,DOGE,USDT). C2O tokens are available for trading right from the start.


How many C2O tokens exist?

163,691 C2O tokens have been minted on the Ethereum blockchain.


How many tokens are reserved for team, advisors, bounties…?

None, entire C2O token supply is reserved for our project backers.


Are there any giveaways,airdrops and bounties?

We have taken a more different approch. Our official Github page contains a list cryptocurrency wallets that are created for support and donations. If a generous supporter sends us a donation, we convert the donation into USDT and purchase C2O on the market at ico/ieo price of 1,18 $USDT.  Purchased C2O tokens from donations are stored on a dedicated wallet and will used for future airdrops and giveaways.


Is C2O token a digital share or a stock?

C2O token is a crowdfunding and payments utility token. It is not a company share or a it is not a digital stock. The primary purpose of the C2O token is crowdfunding. Once the project infrastructure and sofware framework is built, we will provide token payment utility for goods and services.


You are only raising a little over 160,000 € in cryptocurrencies. Other ICO projects raised 10 or more millions of $ in cryptocurrency! How is that possible? 

Yes in the 2017 ICO boom and these days with the defy frenzy, many project have been/are raising astronomical ammounts of cryptocurrencies for their startups/venture.

At CryptoWater we are raising only what is needed to take the project beyond the MVP (minimal viable product) and not a penny more. The project at this stage doesnt require renting/buying office space and office gear or having full time staff on a monthly payroll or any such associated costs and we are raising only what is needed to build the infrastructure and framework.

Sadly when looking back to 2017, many project have raised millions of $ to develop an app and yet many of those startups are today long gone and we dont even want to think about what happened to all those funds. Most likelly it was used for personal expenses and luxury. The Defi fenomenon is actually becoming much worse as investors are throwing money into unaudited computer code and its no secret what happens in such cases.