CryptoWater token $C2O added to mobile wallet

We are excited to announce that CryptoWater $C2O has been added to mobile wallet. B ONE PAYMENT APP is a lightweight non custodial mobile wallet app for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

CryptoWater $C2O listed on one of the leading cryptomarket data trackers

CoinCodex is your window into the world of cryptocurrency, gathering data from more than 300 exchanges to bring you real-time prices and historical charts for over 7,000 coins. You can add your favorite cryptocurrencies to a handy watchlist, making it easy to follow the coins that are most relevant to you. If you want to track the … Read more

CryptoWater $C2O is coming to European cryptoexchange

The date is announced. CryptoWater $C2O markets on Tokens exchange are opening on october 6th 2020. C2O will be traded against the no.1 stablecoin Tether $USDt. is trusted EU based cryptocurrency exchange founded by Mr.Damian Merlak, cofounder of the worlds oldest and respected cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. is managed and operated by a trusted … Read more

CryptoWater $C2O listed on

CryptoWater tokens listed and trading on Unnamed.exchnage. C2O can be traded against Bitcoin $BTC, Litecoin $LTC, Ethereum $ETH, Tether $USDT, Dogecoin $DOGE, Utip $UTIP, Monero $XMR  and Waves $WAVES.

WaterHash 6.september 2020 (12x.0.75l) #timestamp #timechains #cryptowater

Today 12 bottles have been filled and timestamped. $Lana blockchain ledger cdce676ec285c290e8312dbde5b7578f8cfc0092817fac0b5d49a2606ed16c94 55fd60e5ab3b63762d1a9c54a479b368a3bb61ed62f9dd445829a2ef450fc731 8404cc243d828614e330d807fa3c0cc1753b7c7ad05c8364790a8ac29de210db 28786040c88b77535e5bd9961e27c476bd087e3fc5f16ca6d978170c6e0fa00b $Arco blockchain ledger 9232f34d6db77bc694e460e84d0f0ab7535689e8d9a433982e75d31f03cdedc3 a09576a2026ed2ed52396fbad86f7a58c6203cb65da3a8bef009112cd983352e 00161dcb78bc667cc059b612651033365312576d206895171ced6757af01ae02 1380c9f6543c9b344e9b843c71b61bdc6a5027b6c287dae65a39d6f142ddcdc1 $Taj blockchain ledger   86862068b4187c2b988032c04e14e8172c79c0280bd110ec96a8fb47207054b4 c5b95b68c41a1e16d70020719df8334734639ba8593ce3966e129a69f9c90bd1 2663ca76c6fe7a2cd62b01f7db248ff0fca25f155dbc46cb0abd4cb1344ea287 f5938c9d023aa758a2343f2aae8fd9f93a709104ab2791a6fe7713741262288b

CryptoWater IEO token C2O deployed and published

    Token name: CryptoWater Token contract address : 0x13Ca8eb6405cFbE2eaE5D00207651002083fbc9d (!!! do not send any ETH to the token contract address !!! ) Etherscan link: Ticker: C2O Decimals: 2 Supply: 163,691 C2O Github data:   Be aware of scammers, fake giveaways, discount scams, impersonators and other types of fraud.  These are the only … Read more