C2O token presale


We kindly ask interested parties that wish to pledge and support CryptoWater ICO during the presale period to fill the form bellow.



List of supported cryptocurrencies during the presale period are listed on CryptoWater official Github



All contributions are converted into $USDT stablecoin, exchanged for $C2O tokens at rate 1 CTO = 1.18 $USDT. C2O token transfers are are processed once per day.



For safekeeping and secure storage of your C2O tokens we recommend a hardware wallet like BCVault, Ledger, Trezor.



Software and web interface wallets that support erc20 tokens are:



Recommended partner wallet: Bonepayment.comAndroid wallet  – iOS wallet )


MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, MetaMask, Coinomi, TrustWallet, AtomicWallet and others.



Token name: CryptoWater



Token contract address (!!! do NOT send any funds to this address!!! : 0x13Ca8eb6405cFbE2eaE5D00207651002083fbc9d



Ticker/symbol: C2O Decimal places: 2



First 20 presale backers that pledge 1000 $USDT or more are entitled to a special surprise welcome kit (more details on the content of the kit will be revealed soon).



To comply with EU AML and MLD laws residents of the following countries cannot particiapte in the token presale:

USA, Afghanistan, The Bahamas, Botswana, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad


 and Tobago, Tunisia, Yemen.



To participate in the presale you must be at least 18 yeards old.